Wisdom From The Father

By Pastor Eric Everhart

Being new to West Michigan culture, we quickly realized how vital a milestone high school graduation is for students and parents. With parties, open houses, family, and graduation day itself, this is a special time to recognize all of the hard work put in by our students over the past four years. These celebrations were not part of the culture in Virginia, but we have quickly adapted and have come to embrace the celebration.

During this particular time, one thing remains true: the overwhelming amount of “advice” and “direction” students receive from guest speakers, parents, family members, cards, and friends. Wisdom from everyone! Although we make fun of this reality, it’s the one thing I remember most about my graduation time. Even though I didn’t give it much thought back then, the words of Proverbs 3, which were spoken to me by my grandfather, will forever sit in my heart! I never realized how much it would guide me on my life journey!

There is no better advice than advice from God himself, spoken to me by my loving grandfather. In Proverbs 3:1, God says, “My son [my daughter], do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart.” God’s teachings and commands are life-giving wisdom that is above all worldly advice. We are to hold onto the things we have learned and allow them to fill our very soul, to guide us in the ways of righteousness, to give us life, and to help us live a life that is obedient to the Father. These teachings and commands come to each of us, from the Father, because of his deep love for us! What lessons and words of advice guide and lead you?

God communicates to us in verses 2 and 4 the blessings we receive from following his ways, living a life in line with his will for us. “For they will prolong your life many years and bring you peace and prosperity.” and “Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.” If we are willing to live for God in every aspect of our lives, God promises us a prize that no other person could ever give. Although I have learned many things from my grandfather, which have guided my life, no piece of advice would ever provide me with life, prosperity, peace, and “favor with God” like the words spoken to me by my Heavenly Father. To live out this holy advice would be to the eternal benefit of everyone. Where will you receive life, prosperity, peace, a good name, and favor with God?

Finally, God gives us a road map in verses 3 and 5 for this journey. “Let love and faithfulness never leave you.” And, “trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all ways submit to him [God the Father].” God doesn’t want us to try and do this on our own—but to lean on him, to trust in his wisdom and faithfulness. God wants us to know that he is with us in every part of our lives, and there is nothing that will separate us from his deep love and grace. How will you live your life?

As you begin the next chapter of your journey—whether it’s from high school, college, or somewhere else on the journey of life—live a life entrusted to God, faithful to his word, filled with love for Jesus and everyone around you. Do this, and you will be successful in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.


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