Surf’s Up

Written by Pastor Eric Everhart

The east coast is not known for its big waves but it does have a nasty reputation for it’s rip current and strong undertow. I remember being out in the enormous incoming waves of hurricane Hugo in the 80’s. Somehow we were pulled out beyond the waves and we were slowly dragged out to sea. In sheer panic we began to swim for the shore. Each stroke and each kick seemed pointless as the ocean continued to gather us up in her arms. We were swimming against the rip current and as our bodies began to get tired, our shouts for help fell on deaf ears as we slowly drifted away from the safety of the shore. It wasn’t until we began swimming with the rip current (parallel to the beach) that we were able to paddle back to safety. 

Isn’t life  like that sometimes? It seems like the decisions we make have us swimming against the rip current of life. The work of pressing forward against the grain wears on us mentally, spiritually, and physically. It can seem as though our efforts are of no use and the more we try to handle things on our own, the harder they get. Our swim in life eventually consumes our energy and breaks us down in many ways. The more we try to press forward with our heads down, the further we get dragged out to sea.

Jesus understands this about us and he calls us to swim with him (with the current), to be obedient to his will and to trust him to be in control. When we are obedient to Jesus, our swim is not any less difficult but it gives us hope, renewal, peace, and strength during our swim. The shore is in focus and within our reach. The water will still be rough at times and we will still have to paddle but Jesus is right there in the water and waves with us.  Jesus is giving us strength, direction, and he will hold us above the water. The sea of life will not consume us! 

I encourage you brothers and sisters, SWIM WITH THE CURRENT (walk with Jesus) and when you do, you will feel the warmth of the sandy shore beneath your feet. 

“If you go against the grain, you will get splinters, regardless of which neighborhood you are from, what your parents taught you, what school you attended.”  Rom 2:9 (MSG)


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