Ordinary Moments (Rediscovering Childlike Delight in Being Chosen by God)

Guest Post by Diane Dykgraaf

Today I dropped off my 7-year-old grandson, Cam, at his friend’s house to go bowling. Before dropping him off, I asked if he was excited. 

“He chose me, grandma! My friend chose me. Yesterday he was passing out his birthday treat at school and he chose me to be his helper. I’ve never been ‘chose’ before. He picked me out of our whole class. And then he chose me to go bowling with him today.” 

He chose me.

I remind myself of this today. God chose me. I’ve never been chosen like this before. He chose me among all of the created. He chose to love me and commissioned me to spread that love to all those around me. He chose me to feast at his table. He chose me to live eternally with him in the restored, re-made, ever-coming new earth. 

He chose you. 

God chose you out of all creation. You’ve never been chosen like this before. In Jesus, God chose to rescue, save, deliver, and redeem you. You have been chosen to live forever in a mansion not made with human hands. You have been chosen for something much bigger than your eyes can see or imagine. 

He chose us.

God chose us to live together in unity in his kingdom. He chose to pour his love into us so that we can love as Jesus loves, extending extraordinary love and radical hospitality to a broken world. God chose us to labor together to bring about his shalom. He chose us to be vessels of his Spirit here on earth, so that in our brokenness we spill out his extravagant grace and undeserved mercy. He chose to give us a hope and a future and life that will be fully lived in the presence of the Father, Son, and Spirit in a realm not far away. 

Paul’s message to the Colossians: You are chosen. You are holy. You are dearly loved

As God’s chosen people, as brothers and sisters in Christ in the CRC, may we love, work, and hope together in the unity made possible only by the Holy Spirit at work in and among us.


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