Activities for Kids

Online Interaction

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical GardensHome Safari Facebook Lives (Daily at 3pm)

RightNow MediaFree access to video bible studies for kids & adults.

KidsCorner—Bible Studies, stories, and more for kids from CRCNA’s KidsCorner.

Physical Activity

Set up a daily exercise program.

Balloon ping pong from Keeping it Simple. So easy but completely genius. People are brilliant, right?

DIY laser maze from It’s Always Autumn. Give the kids a roll of crepe paper and some masking tape and let them go crazy designing mazes and working their way through them.

Throw a dance party.

Make a balance beam out of masking tape. (Be sure to bend it and twist it.)

Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course. Be sure to time them!

Fly a Kite! Bonus Points if you can make one yourself. (However, you can also find them at Meijer for about $4.00.)



Paint inspirational messages on rocks and then leave them around town for people to find

Cardboard marble maze from Therapy Fun Zone. What a great indoor kid activity idea! Big kids could do this with no help at all, then battle to see who can get the marble through the maze the fastest. (Don’t have a cardboard box? Use a styrofoam plate.)

Download the free templates for these Print + Fold origami bookmarks from It’s Always Autumn, then let kids watch the included video to learn how to fold them into bookmarks. Seven different woodland animal designs.

Fingerprint Art is one of a great rainy day activity. Click through for details on the book that teaches kids how to turn their fingerprints into hundreds of different animals, people, and designs. This activity doesn’t require any parental help!

Paper spinners from Make and Takes are easy to make with cardboard and string, and mesmerizing to play with!

Finger knitting from Little Bird. Friendship bracelets and rainbow loom bracelets have been popular for years—but for a simpler version try finger knitting with this easy to follow tutorial.

Walking stilts by Make it and Love it. Another perfectly genius idea! Throw together a couples pairs of stilts using dollar store supplies and wait for the giggles to begin as the kids practice walking with them.

Get some masking tape at the dollar store and let your kids go crazy “drawing” a track for their cars all over your house.



This Marshmallow Toothpick building challenge from Munchkins and Moms is a great one: it doesn’t require much help from mom and it gets kids’ brains working! Plus it’s fun and will keep little hands busy for quite a while.

This idea is so simple and so much fun, and can be done anywhere you have room to tie up a string. Balloon Rockets from The Family Fun Spot

How cool is this Floating Ball activity from For all the Boys?

Marshmallow catapults from It’s Always Autumn. These are SO easy to put together and SO much fun to play with.




Hide puzzle pieces in plastic eggs then hide the eggs. When the kids find all the eggs they have to put the puzzle together.

This Mini Foosball table for kids from UCreate is genius! Kids can help make the table out of a shoebox, then spend time playing with it.

Giant Lawn Twister

If you’re looking for an easy, engaging game to play with your kids, check out The Dice Game from It’s Always Autumn. The free printable instruction sheet makes it easy to learn how to play, and the game is a great way to teach addition. Best for kids 5+ although younger kids can play with help.

It’s amazing what you can do with masking tape and a little creativity. Click through to see the indoor games you can play with Tape lines from What Moms Love.

Tic-tac-toe Frisbee—Construct a tic-tac-toe board on the ground using masking tape or chalk, with the squares big enough for a frisbee. Then take turns with your partner throwing the frisbee, attempting to land it (mostly) in a square. If successful, mark your X or O in that square. Continue until you have a winner or a “cat’s game.”

Indoor Basket Ball Game—using socks and a laundry basket. Not only points for scoring, but extra points for “long distance shots” or “creative off the back of the sofa shoots”—you get the picture.

Simon Says

Hop Scotch

Game of Wiffle Ball

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