Not Mice!

By Pastor Eric Everhart

Isn’t it funny how we can see God at work in our everyday lives? In our daily comings and goings, there is a sermon title or example around every corner. If we keep our eyes open and our hearts focused on God, he will speak to us daily in many ways. But can he talk to us even through a couple of field mice?

My girls and I were working in the barn last night. They were painting while I was fiddling with this and that. Out of the back of the barn came a deafening screech, and my girls were scrambling around. I ran over to see what was going on, thinking the worst, trying to get some explanation over the girls shouting. “MOUSE! it’s a mouse!” I followed the direction of their pointing fingers straight to two tiny field mice. They were both very small, and it seemed as though they were enjoying the “panic show” my girls were putting on.

After calming everyone down, the girls headed into the house, leaving me to lock up and say goodnight to the mice. Once they were inside the house and everyone was safe, one of my girls asked me, “Why is it that we are so big and the mice are so small, yet we are so afraid of them?” Ahhh, a sermon in the making or maybe a devotion along with a teaching moment. Thank you, Lord!

As Christ-followers, we sing praise to a big God. We tell others that we serve a big God, we say that we pray to a big God, and we shout that our big God is in control of all things. We proclaim all this is true about our God, but if our God is so big, then why do we let the small things of this world scare us, worry us, give us anxiety, create panic, and rob us of our peace? Why do the little mice of this world have us screaming and dancing on tables? We proclaim that our God is big, but why does it become difficult to live that truth out in the face of the tiny beady eyes of the world?

If I said I had all the answers to that question, I could write a bestselling Christian book, go on tour speaking to large crowds, and retire early. The truth is, we are human. We like to be in control, we dislike trusting, and we do not like the unknown. Satan loves to take our human flaws and our weaknesses, twist them, and use them against us. Satan uses these circumstances in our lives to create panic and worry, all while whispering to us, “Run! Be afraid!” The Devil wants us to believe that the small mice of our lives will devour and destroy us. This causes anxiety, worry, and stress to creep in and consume our daily lives.

In reality, we have very little to no control over most situations and circumstances in our lives. God asks us to trust him in all things, to find rest and protection under his wings. And when we come face to face with the “little” things of this world, we need to be reminded that our God truly is BIG, and there is no situation or circumstance that is out of his control. Even as we face these things, God promises to be with us, to protect us, and to give us peace.   If we spend all our time and energy focused on the “small things” of this world, we will lose focus on the big God we profess as the Lord of our lives!

What worries do you need to turn over to our big God? Will you and can you trust in our big God? Don’t let your trust in him be consumed by the “tiny mice” of the world! 

“I would like you to be free from concern (anxiety)” 1Cor. 7:32

“Say to those who have an anxious heart, ‘Be strong; fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God. He will come and save you.” Isaiah 35:4

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