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March Giving Update

Here is March’s giving report:

General Fund—
Received: $78,357 | Goal: $96,629
YTD: Short $58,559 of Budget

Christian Education—
Received: 2,586 | Goal: $9,135
YTD: Short $15,920 of Budget

Building Fund—
Received: $3,626 | Goal: $19,231
YTD: Over $26,206 of Budget

Missions & Outreach Fund—
Received: $4,942 | Goal: $7,212
YTD: Short $7,152 of Budget 

A Guide to Giving at Friendship

During these weeks of mandated social distancing we know that you are probably not thinking foremost of the financial needs of non-profit organizations like Friendship and others in your community. However, there are many fixed costs that continue to accumulate even during times of shut down. For example, insurance bills still come in, heating still takes place (even though we’ve dialed down the thermostats considerably), and pastors and staff are still working.

We encourage all those who regularly support Friendship and other non-profits to plan for ways to continue that support. Here at Friendship we offer a number of ways to give:

  • Website giving—An easy way to give a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift (weekly, every two weeks, monthly, etc.) is right through our website (and your Breeze profile). You can choose to use a credit card or an ACH transfer. 
  • Text giving—If you prefer to give from the convenience of your phone, text “give” to 616-207-2190. It will ask for your method of payment and amount and will also be linked to your Breeze account.
    For your information on the above options: if you use the ACH transfer option, Friendship will be charged a 1% transaction fee on the donation. If you use a credit card instead, Friendship will be charged a 2.9% transaction fee on your donation (i.e., a $200 donation becomes $194.20 instead).
  • Bill pay—If you use your banking account to pay your bills (utilities, insurance, etc), consider adding Friendship to your list and issue a one time check or set up recurring payments. It’s free! (Our address is 190 100th St SE, Byron Center, MI 49315)
  • Of course, we will always accept a check through the mail as well (please do not send cash through the postal service).

Our Friendship funds that are usually supported through scheduled offerings include:

General Fund: this includes classical and denominational ministry shares, facility expenses, staffing, and other administrative and ministry-based expenses.

Christian Education

Building Fund

Missions & Outreach


Many other worthy causes are also supported through our evening offerings.  We encourage you to support other organizations as you have the opportunity. 

Thank you for your continued generous support! We trust our loving God for whatever the future holds.


Kathy Vander Stel

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