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April Giving Update


Here is April’s giving report:

General Fund—
Received: $79,648 | Goal: $77,303
YTD: Short $55,214 of Budget

Christian Education—
Received: $4,468 | Goal: $7,308
YTD: Short $18,760 of Budget

Building Fund—
Received: $2,710 | Goal: $15,385
YTD: Over $23,531 of Budget

Missions & Outreach Fund—
Received: $6,135 | Goal: $5,769
YTD: Short $6,786 of Budget 

Thank You & Update


During these uncertain times, I have wondered if the people of Friendship would be able to maintain their level of giving. But God is blessing our church through the generosity of so many people. Together we are committing to meet the needs of our church.

If you look at Deacon’s Corner report, you will see that our General Fund giving has been amazing! Through a combination of online giving and those who mail checks to the church office, we exceeded the General Fund budgeted giving in April. I praise God for the generous giving of the Friendship Church family!

Because we have not been able to schedule specific offerings for things like Christian Education, Building Fund, and Missions & Outreach, the monthly giving has been down considerably. But we have been able to meet all of our obligations to date because we have healthy fund balances.

During this time, we have taken steps to reduce our overall costs. We have turned all thermostats throughout the building down to a minimal heat (and cooling) setting. We have cancelled full insurance coverage on our church vehicles while they are not in use, and they are now in storage. We’ve seen a significant decrease in the last month’s electric bill and our costs for office supplies like paper and copies have reduced as well. We will continue to look for ways to run as efficiently as possible.

When the Paycheck Protection Program launched some weeks ago, Governing Council and the Finance Team discussed whether or not to apply for a loan/grant. Council emphatically stated that they did not want to reduce staff and pastors’ wages, and they approved going forward with the application. Great news—we received our approval notice this week for funding! With this loan, we will continue to maintain our staffing level during the next several months. We fully expect to meet all the requirements of this loan, which means the loan will be forgiven. Sometimes God provides for his Church in unique ways!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our financial picture, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you to all who have shared an encouraging word with our staff and pastors as we continue to serve our Lord and this church during these unique times!

Kathy Vander Stel

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